Office Shoot - Kensington, London.
Client: Bechtolsheim

As an interiors photographer, shooting an interior designed office space can be an exciting challenge. The goal is to capture the essence of the space, aiming to highlight the unique design details and portray a sense of how the space flows in terms of its day to day usability.

The importance of communication

Before the shoot, I find it's important to talk with the interior designer or architect and understand their vision for the space. In this instance working with Valerie was fantastic, we managed to establish the key elements that she wanted to focus on prior to being on site. She also spoke to me about the different inspirations for the project which helps me establish a vision for the overall project. Once on location, the first step is to assess the lighting conditions and determine the best time of day to capture the space.

Making the most of the available light

Natural light is always ideal, so I look for how the light on the day will illuminate the space at different times and then we structure the shoot based on that. Next, I work to capture a range of perspectives and angles. Working collabertively with Valerie we style the space and make sure the final shot is 'picture-perfect'. I aim to capture mixture of wide shots that showcase the overall layout of the space and close-up shots that highlight individual design elements.

Overall, we had a great day and got a bit lucky with the weather we had at the time. Its always best to work collaberatively on site where possible as it can ensure we get the key shots in place and on time which then allows more time for extra spontaneous shots or things that may be missed from only planning off site.

You can click on the image below to see more images we created on the day.